About us

Our vision

We envision a language profession in Africa that is synonymous around the world with excellence, professionalism and integrity. Our mandate is to be an ambassador for the profession, safeguarding its integrity, aiding its longevity and bringing together those dedicated to promoting quality: universities, trainers, language professionals, recruiters, partners.

Our mission

Our aim is to enable skilled and qualified African interpreters and translators to meet the demand for high quality language services in Africa and on the world market. We do this by bringing together African universities offering recognised Master’s and PhD programmes, training students to international standards, providing funding to students and universities, working with universities to constantly improve the quality of training, and connecting qualified language professionals, recruiters and professional networks.

Our values

Our actions are guided by the three principles of excellence, professionalism and going beyond borders.

Excellence. We are committed to excellence in every way: reputable universities, first-rate curriculum, expert trainers, proven training practices, talented candidates, strict selection and assessment, skilled graduates, knowledgeable researchers, high level recruiters, professional work practices, quality work output

Professionalism. We stand for professionalism: producing professionals, professionals training professionals, building up the profession through research, enabling professionalism, connecting professionals, demanding respect for professional practices, defending professional standards, requiring accountability, gaining recognition for the profession in Africa.

Without borders.The demand for quality has no borders. We bring a multi-country, multilingual, multicultural solution, available across Africa, servicing the language profession worldwide and providing international standards that guarantee quality to all.