How we work

Many people and institutions are involved in our work.


The five universities in the PAMCIT network are our driving force. They work together to offer harmonised Master’s programmes to our students and they guide those on doctoral study. They also help place students on exchange programmes and internships. Find out more: Universities.

Management and governance

Our work is managed by a Secretariat based in Nairobi, Kenya, and overseen by an Executive Committee. The Secretariat coordinates work among the five universities and our other partners. It also leads communication, monitoring, reporting and networking. The Executive Committee is responsible for overall governance and strategy. Find out more: Our team.


PAMCIT is funded principally by the European Commission (EC) and co-funded by the United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON). In addition to funding, the EC provides technical support, training and networking opportunities, while UNON hosts the Secretariat and provides administrative support to the network.

Partnerships and networks

PAMCIT has relationships covering funding, technical expertise and cooperation with several institutions and organisations. These relationships include internships and study visits for students, employment opportunities for graduates, exchange visits and skills building for trainers, sharing of expertise and technical support to universities, and networking.

Our partners, affiliates and networks include: