Master's programmes

The course components below are for guidance only. Language combinations, modules and duration may vary from one institution to the next. Please contact each university directly for details of the degree programme you are interested in.

MA Conference Interpreting

Typical core modules: Theory of Interpretation. Consecutive Interpretation. Simultaneous Interpretation. Terminology Development for Interpretation. Interpreting in Specialised Fields. Practical Interpreting. Sight Interpretation. Discourse Analysis. Interpretation and Emerging Global Issues. African Geopolitics. Interpretation, Law and Economics. Conference Terminology and Parliamentary Procedure. Professional Practice and Entrepreneurship. Research Methods.

Typical elective modules: International Organisations and Interpretation. Voice Training for Interpreters. Social and Psychological Aspects of Language. Information Technology for Interpreters. Interpretation and the Media. Public Speaking. Intercultural Communication. Ethics for Interpreters. African Geopolitics and Global Institutions. Multilingualism and Interpretation. Area Studies and Terminology Management. Sign Language Interpreting. Interpreting for the Media. Community Interpreting.

MA Translation

Typical core modules: History and Theory of Translation. Interpretation Techniques. Practical Translating. Audio-visual Translation. Terminology Development for Translators. Translating in Specialised Fields. Text Typology and Translation. Literary Translation. Written Expression. Revision and Editing. Intercultural Management. Translation and Emerging Global Issues. African Geopolitics. Research Methods in Translation.

Typical elective modules: International Organisations and Translation. Language Description. Précis Writing and Editing. Information Technology for Translation. Discourse Analysis in Translation. Comparative Stylistics in Translation. Intercultural Communication. Translation Ethics. Economics. Current Events. Law and Legal Institutions.