PAMCIT: Door of opportunity for African language students

PAMCIT – the Pan African Masters Consortium for Interpretation and Translation - means opportunity for African language students and the language profession.

Professionally trained interpreters and translators are in high demand in Africa and elsewhere. PAMCIT is the first and only network of African universities responding to this demand for quality and professional skills – they offer professional Master’s degrees in translation and conference interpreting to international standards in five African countries.

If African undergraduates have the skills, the knowledge and the commitment to become qualified language professionals, whether their degrees are in sociology, journalism, business or languages, the PAMCIT Master’s degree can be a smart career option for them.

They will gain practical skills so they know how to do their jobs as professional translators and conference interpreters when they graduate.

Trained by practising conference interpreters and translators, they will constantly practise what they learn throughout the two years of the degree course so they are ready to work as soon as they graduate.

Through internships and study visits, they will gain international exposure and sharpen their practical skills in real life working contexts. PAMCIT facilitates internships in some of the most sought-after organisations in Africa and around the world - the UN, the AU, AfDB, ECOWAS, the Pan-African Parliament, the ICC in the Hague, FAO, etc.

Once they are qualified graduates, the PAMCIT network will help them find job opportunities in some of the major organisations that recruit translators and conference interpreters.

Why is PAMCIT important?

It produces professionals, promotes quality and creates opportunity.

Demand for language professionals is high, the multilingual talent in Africa is huge, and PAMCIT is a unique pan-African initiative working to ensure some of this African talent is nurtured to meet international demand.

PAMCIT’s mission is to place African graduates in the some of the best language jobs in the world, with the support of African universities, African language professionals, African partners and African funding.


Through the PAMCIT Secretariat, based at the United Nations Office in Nairobi (UNON), Project funds from the European Union and the United Nations are provided for three years to five African universities with Masters’ Programmes in Interpretation and Translation.