UNON reaffirms its support for the PAMCIT program

UNON Director General, Sahle-Work Zewde, introduced PAMCIT to the UN community at Nairobi, at a ceremony held at the United Nations Office at Nairobi, on Thursday 9th November. This was during a launch for this website. She expressed her gratitude with the initiative and those spearheading it.

Speaking, Ms Zewde pointed out that ‘professional interpretation and translation of languages is not only important for conference services but also key for community services and advancing public information.’ She cited the refugee crisis, for instance, where translators and interpreters are constantly needed for ease of communication and distribution of services.

The guest of honor, UNON Director General Sahle-Work Zewde, also spoke on the need to have African partners. She thanked the European Union for co-funding the project and reported that they have been attending the Executive Committee meetings. Madame Zewde also thanked the African Development Bank for offering internship opportunities to PAMCIT graduates.

Ms Nina Okagbue, PAMCIT coordinator, spoke on the increased demand of multilinguals in Africa. She informed the attendees that the PAMCIT program presently has 62 students enrolled in its 5 partner universities. Since commencement, the Consortium has successfully graduated 55 students, many of whom have been recruited by institutions such as the UN, the AU, AfDB, ECOWAS, the Pan-African Parliament, FAO, etc.

PAMCIT hopes to expand its reach into other African universities in the future.