On-line Refresher Course on General Issues Related to Interpreting Module 1

January 8, 6:00 pm

Online/Mexico City

This is going to be a weekly webinar on general issues related to Simultaneous Interpreting. It will be 17 sessions long, starting from Jan 8th- Apr 30th 2018


Online/Mexico City

This 20hr online weekly refresher course is aimed to:

1) Anticipate some of the most common difficulties that may rise during interpreting in simultaneous mode;

 2) Analyze specific types of discourse;

 3) Practice with targeted exercises;

 4) Learn about or refresh knowledge of new ITC tools.

It will be a webinar taking place every Monday at 20:00, Mexico City Time.

Each Session will last for 70 min, and the sessions will be taught in Spanish. Examples and exercises use Spanish & English.