Request for Empanelment of Professional Translators, Copy Editors and Proofreaders

Global Development Network (GDN) is a Public International Organization that promotes social science research in developing and transition countries. It empowers local researchers by giving them access to financial resources, to information, to training and mentoring services and to a global network of development researchers. Through its various projects, it contributes to the generation of policy-relevant knowledge on major development issues, and to the interaction between local researchers, their global peers, policymakers and other development stakeholders.
GDN is looking to empanel freelance professional translators, professional copy editors and professional proofreaders on a yearly, rolling basis. The selected applicants will be empaneled into the roster of GDN. GDN will request for their services whenever it needs translation, copy editing and proofreading services. GDN will pay based on the work commissioned on a need basis, at predetermined rates.
1. Professional translators will be required to translate research papers, project reports and other program related documents of GDN from:
  • English > Spanish
  • Spanish > English
  • English > French
  • French > English
  • Spanish > French
  • French > Spanish
2. Professional copyeditors will be required to edit research papers, project reports and other program related documents of GDN in Spanish and French languages.
3. Professional proofreaders will be required to proofread research papers, project reports and other program related documents of GDN in Spanish and French languages.
Interested applicants should send in their applications to on or before
December 18, 2018. The application should include the following documents and information:
  • cover letter providing professional summary and motivation for the empanelment
  • copy of latest updated CV
  • financial quote indicating rate per word, but separately for documents below 1500 words, and above 1500 words.
  • sample of work specifically on social sciences, ideally technical texts (at least 3 samples)
  • specify the maximum guaranteed a) reaction time (that is how long you take to let us know whether you accept an assignment), and b) turn-around time for a 500 and a 5000-word document respectively (how long you take to translate/copy edit/proofread).
  • details (names, designation, organization and email id) of at least two referees who can provide recommendation for you
Applicants need to specify as to which competencies (up to 3 maximum) they are applying for in Cover Letter. Incomplete submissions will not be considered. Only those short-listed for empanelment will be contacted by GDN. In case of high volume of applications, the organization may not inform unsuccessful applicants.

For more information on GDN, please visit