PAMCIT Experience

Interning at the PAMCIT Secretariat was a genuine learning experience within the UN system. The United Nations Office at Nairobi was a conducive environment. It broadened my knowledge of the United Nations, its works, missions and objectives. From a professional standpoint, I had exposure to high-level conference interpreting and learned from highly experienced and skilled conference interpreters. I have gained valuable insight into the requirements for language professionals and have been inspired by the knowhow, expertise and demeanour of interpreters in the UN system. PAMCIT is indeed advancing professionalism in conference interpreting in Africa, among other flagship initiatives, through such opportunity granted to young language professionals in Africa to fine-tune their skills and get exposure to the holy grail of our profession.

Achille C. Yaya, French-English Freelance Conference Interpreter and Translator based in Cotonou (Benin).