PAMCIT Purchase of Equipment for Partner Universities

PAMCIT, through funding from the European Union and UNON, have continued to support partner Universities procure, install and maintain Interpretation and Translation equipment.


Mozambique University, in 2016, procured and installed a Translation laboratory, comprising; 15 Units of Desktop Computers.


In addition, Interpretation equipment comprising; 15 work stations for students, 1 central control unit, 3 Booths, 6-language channel consoles, 30 headsets for delegates, 30 headsets for interpreters, 6 wireless microphone, 6 wireless receivers, 10 meter extension cables (2), 20 meter extension cables (2), 5 meter extension cables (2), plus storage containers and transport, was procured and  installed.


In 2018, PAMCIT procured for the University of Ghana; 2units DIGIMIC digital discussion system to connect up to 100 delegate units, 10 pcs DIGIMIC Digital Interpreter Console & headsets, 40 pcs of DIGIMIC Classic speakers, headphones, connection cables, power supply charging tray, INFRACOM Power radiator and Infrared-Transmitter for the Interpretation and translation department.



The EU and UNON partnership also procured specialized Interpreting Equipment through PAMCIT grant in 2017. In addition, University of Nairobi refurbished its library thus cataloguing books.