Our story

Our philosophy

We believe skilled interpreters and translators are messengers who make understanding between people possible. They bring people together, convey meaning, transfer ideas, enable dialogue. They contribute to some of the most important conversations in the world – political, economic, cultural and, quite simply, human. They are as indispensable today as ever.

We believe in Africa. This is a highly multilingual continent and it can provide some of the best language professionals in the world. That is why we offer a first-rate training programme in conference interpretation and translation right here in Africa to the best candidates we can find. We also support the African universities and training professionals in our network so they can offer the best training on the continent.

We believe in excellence. Each candidate we accept onto our Master’s and PhD programmes has the ability to excel and we strive to give each one the chance to do so. We train them at reputable institutions, offering them an internationally recognised curriculum, modern facilities, tools and technology, and expert language trainers.

Our aim is to produce high calibre interpreters and translators who will provide top quality language services to organisations and businesses across Africa and around the world.

Our rationale

We work to grow, enhance and support the language profession in Africa in several ways.

Producing professionals. There is a shortage of professionally trained and qualified translators and interpreters in Africa. Our Master’s programmes bring a solution to this.

Building knowledge. We need more Africa-specific knowledge, analysis and development strategy on and for the language profession. Our PhD programmes aim to produce contextualised knowledge and evidence that will help grow the profession.

Strengthening training. There is a shortage of experienced trainers in Africa for professional translation and interpreting. We help universities take advantage of the international trainers in our network and we link them to training opportunities for their own staff. And we are constantly expanding our base of language professionals in Africa who can train the next generations.

Ensuring relevance. Changing times and needs mean changing tools, technologies and approaches for the language profession. We offer training programmes that integrate relevant and up-to-date tools and technologies to ensure graduates are current in terms of skills, knowledge and work practices.

Promoting quality. A shortage of trained professionals, high demand for language services, last-minute orders, budget cuts, low cost services… All this means translation and interpretation services are sometimes not up to standard. Our graduates help improve the standard of professional language services and offer quality to those who place a premium on it.

Safeguarding credibility. The credibility of the profession rests on both language professionals and those who hire them. We help to promote and safeguard professional standards on both sides and ensure all parties adopt responsible and ethical approaches.

Creating opportunity. Many African chambers of commerce have not yet included the language profession in their directories. Recognised qualifications such as our Master’s degrees help gain accreditation for professionally trained interpreters and translators and open up work opportunities for them in their target markets.