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An e-learning tool developed by the European Commission Directorate General for Interpretation to help train conference interpreters. Hundreds of speeches and other learning material in 24 languages.    
Take a pre-publication peek at the new book written in Portuguese by Dr. Carla Maciel from the University of Maputo, Mozambique. The main objective is to raise awareness about the training of conference interpreters and make people understand that this training includes theory and research. In truth, there is a lot of prejudice in relation to this training, because people think that it does not include research. 
A compilation of resources and web sites provided by the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management (DGACM). It includes a guide to UN language competitive exams for translators and other language professionals, sample exercises in précis-writing and a database of UN terminology.
This paper demonstrates how Voltaire brings his philosophy to bear on translation beyond dilettantism and establishes benchmarks and descriptors to underscore good, mediocre, and bad translations. As we examine some of his own translations, we explore some Masters students’ translations at the University of Ghana to explain and deepen the philosopher’s rather obscure statement on translation.