Study visits & internships

What we offer

Our students enjoy an international experience through our programmes. They benefit from a diversity of contexts, perspectives and cultures, learning and personal enrichment.

Study visits

Students can take advantage of study visits to any one of the PAMCIT universities or to affiliate universities in Lebanon, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. Study visits last several months and are open to all students, depending on availability of spaces at host universities. The study visits are a valuable opportunity to experience and adapt to different contexts, themes and practices. We provide grants to help some students cover the cost of these visits.


Our students can experience first-hand what it is like to work at the UN headquarters, UNON, the AU, AfDB, ECOWAS, OIF, the Pan-African Parliament, the ICC in the Hague, FAO, government ministries and many others. Internships typically last 3 to 6 months and take place either during the programme of study or at the end. The internships help them apply their skills in a real life context and develop their professional practice. Sometimes they are a springboard to employment later on. We provide grants to help some students cover the cost of internships.