Trainers & universities


PAMCIT is an opportunity for language trainers to improve their skills through training and exchange visits. Specialists and partners in our network help provide pedagogical skills training to our trainers, exchange visit opportunities and expertise. Working with us also gives trainers a chance to contribute to improved practice in the language profession in Africa.

We invite professional translators and interpreters in Africa to join our network of trainers at any of our five universities. We also create opportunities for professionals from other parts of the world to work with us as visiting trainers. Together, these professionals teach modules and/or train staff at the universities. They bring practical knowledge and diverse perspectives that are passed on to our students.


Our university support programme includes helping bring professional translators and interpreters as trainers to our universities and helping train existing university staff. We also create linkages and help build relationships between PAMCIT universities and other institutions who can offer our universities student and trainer training, study and trainer visits, internships and expertise in selection, assessment and teaching approaches.

We give universities funding that helps them build up the skills and practices of their staff through training and exchange visits. They are able to bring in additional trainers from within and outside Africa. The funds also help them provide facilities, equipment, tools and resources for the degree programmes.